FSAT Questions Needed

A message from the COFSE President:

The American Board of Criminalistics (ABC) has announced that about 120 questions on the FSAT have to be replaced. This is due to the overlap between the FSAT and the general ABC test. Some of your programs use the FSAT exam as an assessment tool. I am requesting that you submit new FSAT questions at http://www.criminalistics.com/submit-an-fsat-test-question.html. Let us know if you do submit questions. Alternatively, you can send a question to COFSE (cofse.ed@gmail.com) and we will submit it for you.

ABC held an educators meeting at the AAFS annual meeting in Baltimore to vet the submitted questions and three COFSE members participated in this process. More questions are needed in order to sufficiently vary the test during each offering and this is your chance to influence the content of the FSAT. Please provide at least one reference (article, text or web) for every question submitted.