Delta Delta Epsilon

The International Board of Directors of Delta Delta Epsilon (ΔΔE) would like to extend a personal invitation to you for the creation of a new chapter of Delta Delta Epsilon (ΔΔE), The Forensic Sciences Honor Society, at your university. Delta Delta Epsilon is an international honor society that is dedicated to stimulating academic achievement, promoting community understanding, and advancing the fields of forensic science wherever possible.  Membership is limited at this time to students within the disciplines of forensic science which meet high academic criteria and are dedicated to the mission of Delta Delta Epsilon.  Once established with student membership, a chapter may begin to add professional members at the chapter’s discretion according to the Constitution.

Through vision and strength of leadership at all levels, the society is currently expanding both nationally and internationally. Chapter membership is limited to those universities that offer undergraduate and/or graduate degrees in the fields of forensic science, and have a strong desire to participate in shaping the face of forensic science higher education.

The student membership to the society is competitive and limited to forensic science students who have displayed excellence during their collegiate career.  In appreciation for the student’s service to the society, each member in good standing may choose to be acknowledged as a member of their local Chapter of Delta Delta Epsilon at graduation by wearing the Delta Delta Epsilon medallion (which can be personalized to each chapter).  

Once a chapter is created it will be the responsibility of the chapter to govern itself within the bounds of the Constitution.  This may include membership numbers (although not membership criteria), collection of dues, election of officers, and day to day operations.  Each chapter will have a seat on the Assembly of Chapters and will be able to vote on any ballot issues as per the Society Constitution.  It is the discretion of the chapter to determine who will sit on the Assembly.

The International Board of Directors would like to welcome your program as we advance the disciplines within forensic science, promote academic achievement, and community understanding through student involvement. If you would like to join the society please fill out the chapter application.  Your faculty will automatically become members of your chapter.  Please save and email the completed application to the DDE Board of Directors.  Once notified of acceptance, you may begin accepting student application forms allowing you to open your chapter to student enrollment.  The Board will provide a copy of By-Laws currently used by the Alpha Chapter and the Student application form once you are approved.  These by-laws may be modified by your university as long as they are in concordance with the Society Constitution.

Organizational leadership of DDE was assumed by COFSE in February 2015.  Click here to see a list of the current chapters.